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Katy Perry Is Crushing Nuns

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A property in the Los Feliz neighborhood of L.A. has been under dispute for some months, because a bunch of sneaky nuns tried to sell it out from under the Teenage Dream star. Turns out you can’t go deeper into the depths than Katy Perry.


The Roman Villa style compound was bestowed on the sisters 40 years ago by a devout Catholic, who had the foresight to know gentrification would someday drive them from it. They asked that the nuns keep them in their prayers in the event of a sale, and the nuns seemed to interpret that as, “Keep pop stars outta my house.”

The Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary sold the property in June, to hotel developer Dana Hollister for 15.5m with an additional 5.5m dedicated to relocating some lingering priests. Hollister even filed a deed, which was a big no-no. They never cleared it with Los Angeles’ archbishop, Jose H Gomez, who seems to really want Perry in there defiling it.


Good news: Those nuns got straight crushed. The Guardian reports that Hollister’s claim is now void:

Katy Perry will get her chance to live in a former Roman Catholic convent after a judge on Wednesday invalidated the property’s sale to a restaurateur.

Attorneys for Perry said in a statement that they were pleased with the ruling, and that it cleared the way for the pop star to buy the property.

Michael Hennigan, the attorney for the archdiocese, said that Los Angeles superior court judge Stephanie Bowick had approved the archdiocese’s motion to block the sale to Hollister in its entirety.

Someone’s kissing a bunch of girls tonight.

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Violet Baudelaire

Well as far as I know Katy Perry is just a pop star and not part of any organization that enthusiastically supports misogyny and looks the other way at child abuse, so I guess I am #teamkaty on this one.