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Katy Perry Channels Noted Style Icon Kris Jenner

Katy Perry just debuted a suspect new haircut on this April Fools' Day with the ominous caption: "I asked for the Kris Jenner." She could have just asked for "a pixie cut with a heavy bang" and gotten the same effect, but fine.


Two days ago Katy and Kris Jenner were hanging out on a boat at Karl Lagerfeld's fancy party. Perhaps no two people on Earth are able to achieve so much success with so little talent as these women and for that reason, I fear this pairing.

On the positive side, she looks great.

On the cynical side, this might juts be photoshop tomfoolery inspired by the most annoying day of the year.


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It actually looks better than her normal hairstyle. THE JOKE'S ON YOU, PERRY.