Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Must Reconcile Their Differing Tastes in Weddings

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Last time Katy Perry got married, she rode in on an elephant. So naturally, this girl has “some ideas of what could be cool” for her upcoming wedding to former Pirate of the Caribbean Orlando Bloom, according to a source who spoke to E! Online. Some speculation from me about what those “cool” “ideas” might include: a Bengal tiger; a man-made waterfall; Pharrell is the minister; the wedding is The Greatest Showman-themed and there’s a rendition of “This Is Me” performed in the middle of the ceremony like a halftime show, except the words are rewritten to be “This Is Us.”


Again, can’t say what Perry’s thinking, but if any of those things happened, I would be like, “Yeah! That makes sense.” The problem is, whatever Perry’s vision for her big day is, Bloom... wants to go a slightly different route.

By which I mean that Bloom doesn’t want “anything big or flashy,” and that’s sort of Perry’s whole thing. The source tells E! they must “decide on something that will be perfect for them as a couple.” To help them, Bloom and Perry have hired a wedding planner.

This should be easy! Right? The main point—obviously, and everyone is on the same page about this—is that “friends and family can come together and everyone has fun.” I think Perry’s penchant for working with live animals may find a more receptive audience when she’s pitching ideas for her next music video.

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This is a marriage-themed Dirt Bag now—COLIN JOST AND SCARJO ARE TALKING ABOUT TYING THE KNOT. Frankly, I recognize that they are two adults who dated, but I’d assumed that relationship would have quietly ended by now. But you know what they say about assuming! Don’t do it.

No actually, ScarJost are very happy and very serious about each other. A source tells People: “Scarlett and Colin are in love and share many of the same interests and the same sense of humor.” There is “marriage talk.” This source say Johansson is ready for marriage in a way she wasn’t before:

“She is a mother and in a mature place where marriage makes more sense than it did in earlier relationships that didn’t last,” the insider says. “She is in love and likes to be married, but is aware of how hard it is these days.”


Jost has never been married before. Best of luck to these two.


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This is how I imagine their wedding: