Katie Holmes Speaks Publicly for the First Time Since Filing for Divorce

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Ever since she dropped the D-bomb on Tom Cruise last week, Katie Holmes has been popping up around New York City acting all smiley and casual. I guess that's what happens when one is giddy from freeing oneself from the overzealous grip of a couch-jumping megastar. Anyway, as much as we've seen her, we have not yet heard her comment on this urgent matter of national importance. But fortunately she has finally broken her silence. A New York Daily News reporter followed Katie and Suri into a Whole Foods earlier today and presumably harassed them until Katie finally said something. So what did she say? Brace yourselves because right there in the produce section she spilled all of the dark secrets we've been dying to know about their marriage and about Scientology. Haha, gotcha! Here's what she actually said when asked how she's doing:

I'm all right. Thank you.

Well, there you have it. She's A-OK. Apparently she was smiling and her tone was gracious rather than "leave me alone, you stalker parasites." So she must legitimately be in a good mood. From the contents of her shopping cart—ground beef, hamburger buns, strawberries, and bananas—it seems like she and Suri have some Fourth of July BBQ plans. Sadly, Tom won't be in on the fun, since he's in LA being "somber" and probably still feeling sorry for himself because Katie and Suri ditched their pre-divorce plans to celebrate his 50th birthday with him yesterday.


Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes divorce: Holmes, Suri hit Whole Foods to stock up for Fourth of July BBQ [NYDN]


I hope this shuts up all the "Stepford Katie" comments. I have nothing but admiration for someone who can blindside someone as controlling, rich and powerful as Tom Cruise. And nothing against Tom, because I personally have no idea what happened in their marriage, but I bet he is next to impossible to live with. I know sometimes I get eyeball whiplash when my husband tries to act like he's the boss of me, I couldn't imagine how someone on Tom's level was always dictating her and Suri's every move. Fuck that. She doesn't want his money, she doesn't want his status, she just wants to live a normal life again. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.