Katie Couric Once Said Matt Lauer's 'Most Annoying Habit' Is That He 'Pinches Me On the Ass a Lot'

Plead the Fifth, the recurring Watch What Happens Live! segment during which host Andy Cohen asks guests to discuss topics they generally avoid, has long been known as a fount of celebrity shade. Over the years we’ve watched Brandi Glanville comment on the alleged odor of Joanna Krupa’s vagina, Charlize Theron address her Soulcycle “feud” with Tia Mowry, and Mariah Carey tackle the “I don’t know her” meme in the most Mariah Carey way possible.

A damning installment of the segment, from 2012, has been making the rounds in light of Matt Lauer’s Wednesday morning firing by NBC. In it, Katie Couric, Lauer’s co-anchor for over a decade, is asked by Cohen, “What is [Lauer’s] most annoying habit?”

Couric responds, “He pinches me on the ass a lot.”

Lauer was fired by after the network learned of his alleged “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” They revealed they had also been “presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.”


Remember in Working Girl how Melanie Griffith is so good at her job because she looks to both highbrow sources (like W) and lowbrow sources (like The New York Post) for relevant industry details? Just something to think about.

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I’m am not screaming at the sky, or angry about 2017 becoming sexual assault year. I am relieved we are finally talking about it and people ARE LISTENING!

‘But nurrr nurrr hurrr hurt there are so many allegations! Some of them have to be fake!!’

Nope. Sexual harassment and rape culture has been an accepted part of society and now we are calling it what it is. It’s like the drunk uncle at thanksgiving that everyone ignores. Not ignoring you anymore uncle Tim! Go fix your own plate you cunt whistle