Katie Couric Left Vegas Before the Fight Because Mayweather Sucks

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It may have looked like every celebrity in the country paid thousands of dollars to watch two bad men slug each other over the weekend, but at least one didn’t show up. Katie Couric and her husband John Molner arrived in Las Vegas with tickets to the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, but flew back to New York before it even started.

Page Six reports that Couric felt “uncomfortable” after learning Mayweather had banned a pair of female reporters “for being critical of the fighter’s domestic abuse past.”

In April, Yahoo’s Couric asked Mayweather — who served two months for attacking his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris in front of their kids — about the incident and he shot back: “Did I kick, stomp and beat someone? No, that didn’t happen.”


I understand why Couric didn’t attend the fight (even though Mayweather’s people claimed the ban didn’t happen), but I don’t quite get why went all the way back home without finding another way to enjoy the city. You’re in Vegas, Katie! You should have gone to get something good to eat and then parked yourself at a cheap blackjack table where you could have gotten to know some businessman from Dallas before tossing him a few chips and saying, “Nice to meet you, Louis, but I’ve got to go see Criss Angel with my husband.”

Maybe next time.

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Tabby Gevinson

Sorry, I don’t think Couric and her husband deserve any credit for this.

- they were already aware of Mayweather’s history of abuse when they bought the tickets

- they did pay for the tickets, helping put $$$ in Mayweather’s pocket regardless of whether or not they showed up to watch the fight

- yes, Mayweather is an idiot for banning reporters, but snubbing journos is a far lesser offense than beating the shit out of women, and it sounds like Couric was taking a stand on the lesser offense rather than the assaults