Kathryn Hahn Will Star in Jill Soloway's New Amazon Series, I Love Dick

Kathryn Hahn, an actress so talented that she stole every scene she appeared in as Rabbi Raquel Fein in the past two seasons of Transparent, has been cast as the lead in Jill Soloway’s new Amazon show, I Love Dick, an adaptation of Chris Kraus’ memoir/novel of the same name.

According to the Wrap, the series, set in Marfa, Texas, will follow a “husband [Sylvere] and wife, Chris (Hahn), in a failing marriage who discover they are obsessed with the same man, a professor named Dick.”


Jezebel’s own Jia Tolentino previously went into more detail on I Love Dick, writing, “The subject—female longing and obsession and performance of such—is taken to an absolute theoretical extreme and placed in the structural center. It defends itself intrinsically, and develops a startlingly muscular, electric life of its own.”

I Love Dick has a mass of devotees (including Eileen Myles), which means mounting pressure on Soloway, Sarah Gubbins (who’s writing the pilot), and now Hahn, too. The actress—who’s previously appeared on Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99, Happyish, and Girls—has been working tirelessly for years and only recently found what many might call her breakout role in Soloway’s Transparent.


Hahn has paid her dues—now seems like the perfect time for her to take the lead.


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Image via Transparent/Amazon.

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