Kathie Lee Attends Her Own Broadway Show So She Can Laugh Inappropriately and Pose for Pictures

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According to some Smash-esque Broadway gossip, Kathie Lee Gifford is just as obviously drunk during rehearsals of her poorly-reviewed show Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple McPherson as she is when she and Hoda Kotb have to do a cock segment on Today.


Apart from troubling reports that Gifford has "micromanaged" the play into bloated oblivion (critics have taken issue with its two-and-a-half hour running time), there's this account from an unnamed source of Gifford laughing maniacally during show previews: "She sat in the audience, alone, laughing like crazy at lines no one else was, clapping like crazy when others were not so loud, and posing for photos for anyone who asked during intermission." Of course, other Broadway vets have excused Gifford for her unbridled enthusiasm — she has an emotional stake in the show and a responsibility to promote it, even if that means distributing paper cups to her seat neighbors and encouraging them to have a few healthy pours from the toddler-sized wineskin she travels with. [NYDN]

  • Justin Bieber is officially yesterday's news — South Korean rap star Psy has now become the most-watched act at the YouTube carnival, with his video for "Gangnam Style" passing the 800-million-views mark set by Bieber's video for "Baby." [NYDN]
  • Eeeep! Rihanna tweeted a picture of shirtless Chris Brown face-down and (presumably) slumbering on a bed in Berlin. Oh, there was Simpsons merchandise everywhere in case that raises a lurid red flag. [Daily Mail]
  • Mama Jenner failed to entice the X Factor finalists in the boy band Emblem3 to perform for young Kendall's 17th birthday party. [TMZ]
  • In a new book, magician Penn Jillette writes that nobody knows the rules for Celebrity Apprentice: "No one can tell you the rules of The Celebrity Apprentice. No one. Donald Trump just does what he wants, which is mostly pontificating to people who are sucking up to him." [NYDN]
  • Halle Berry's pugilistic fiancé Olivier Martinez is having some problems with the apparent petri dish kitchen in his Miami restaurant, which was cited for 13 health code violations. [Radar]
  • Speaking of Halle Berry, the actress has rushed to court in order to obtain a restraining order against ex-husband Gabriel Aubry, who took a big shit all over Thanksgiving by fighting with Martinez in Berry's driveway. [TMZ]
  • And here's Aubry looking like he was backhanded by a silverback gorilla. [TMZ]
  • So Charlie Sheen wrote Lindsay Lohan a $100,000 check to help cover her tax debt, restoring the celebrity universe to fiscal balance. [TMZ]
  • David "Puck" Rainey of Real World infamy has begun a 401-day prison sentence for stalking a woman in California. [TMZ]
  • R.I.P., Larry Hagman — the actor who most famously played J.R. Ewing on both the original and updated Dallas died in a Dallas hospital on Friday at age 81 due to complications stemming from a recent bout with cancer. [TMZ]
  • Melissa Joan Hart is definitely not a fan of being pregnant. [People]


Lucky Frog

So Gabriel Aubrey, who just won a huge victory in court, is the one who comes over spoiling for a fight? Not the ex-boxer who's righteously pissed about having all his plans for the future upended? Halle's new boytoy breaks his hand beating the living shit out of this guy in front of his daughter on Thanksgiving, then places his crumpled and unconscious body under "citizens arrest" for assaulting HIM.

Seriously, I'd be equally suspicious if he was a former pro wrestler like "I initiated a confrontation with this guy I despise, then out of nowhere he tried to suplex me, and I was forced to suplex him in self defense."