While I myself cannot relate to the specific ups and downs of parenting, I can understand in my bones a “cycle of joy and pain.” But honestly, the best part of this saga has been all the media outlets that have to explain “ACAB”—which I’d wager nearly every Jezebel reader knows means “all cops are bastards.”


We’ve got Politico, we’ve got CNN, we’ve got Fox News. I can understand why Politico and CNN needed to do that: They’re mainstream news sources that cover protests but rarely the gritty details. But I’m genuinely surprised that, given the ferocity and aggression with which Fox News has covered anti-police protests after George Floyd’s murder, that its audience wouldn’t know what ACAB stands for.

For now, I wish Dowell a quick and speedy process through the legal system, and for more funny tweets (this time about actually funny things) from Clark.