Kate Moss's 13-Year-Old Sister Is Now A Model

Back in July, when Kate Moss's half-sister Lottie served as a bridesmaid in the former's wedding, modeling agencies were ready to sign her up. "Lottie looks beautiful and fresh — a very English rose look," said agent Carole White. But at the time, Mama Moss was unconvinced; "She's too young," said she. Yet here is Lottie, in her first fashion spread.


The photos were shot by Andrea Carter Bowman, presumably for publication — at least that's my guess, because these shots are a lot more styled than your average new-face test shoot.

Lottie, or someone claiming to be her, is on Twitter! Her avatar is a picture of Justin Bieber, which tells you just how young 13 really is. Modeling isn't a very easy job to do part-time: when clients want you, they want you, and if you can't do a job — say, because that Vogue Italia shoot conflicts with the final exams that will allow you to go on to your second year of high school — the clients will find someone else who will. The fashion industry can also be a very adult environment to work in. Yet agencies seem, for whatever reason, unwilling or unable to even think twice about starting a girl at age 13.


I like the 70's styling; very cool. I was not fortunate enough to look like this at 13. In fact I looked more like a Mexican Chunk from The Goonies.