Kate Moss Earning Less Money; Tuleh Going Out Of Business?

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  • Kate Moss's company, Skate LLC, reported revenues of just over £1 million and profits of £771,139 during the year 2009. This is a significant drop from when she made 6.5 million in 2007. [Daily Mail]
  • Tuleh may become another casualty of the recession. The company, which canceled its fall/winter show, is no longer meeting its obligations to creditors, and its persistent unprofitability has led its financial backers to back away. The company may be sold, it may license its name to generate revenue, it may find new financing, or it may close, according to those familiar with the situation. [WWD]
  • Armani Exchange put up a billboard touting its viability as a Valentine's Day gift source that features three couples embracing — two models posed as gay men, two models posed as lesbians, and two models posed as a heterosexual couple. This has upset the usual uptight parenting groups. [Mediaite]
  • Now that simulcasting your show live on the Internet has become passé — Marc's doing it, Alexander McQueen does it, all the designers at London Fashion Week have the option of doing it — Burberry is upping the ante: broadcasting its show in 3-D to invitation-only crowds in Paris, New York, Tokyo and L.A. What we wouldn't give to see a room full of editors and fashionistas adjusting their dork glasses. [WWD]
  • Coco Rocha and Veronica Webb will be hosting a new live show about fashion week for Modelinia. [P6]
  • Rocha is also hosting a benefit for Haiti this Friday in New York. And, on her blog, she is encouraging readers to buy the Council of Fashion Designers of America's $25 "To Haiti With Love" t-shirt, which goes to fund relief efforts, and then photograph themselves wearing it and post the images online. [OhSoCoco]
  • Speaking of the disaster in Haiti, we should mention that Jezebel-pal Crystal Renn recorded a video to encourage people to donate to the Fuel Relief Fund. [Facebook]
  • "In the movie industry, the consumer doesn't know about the movies until they're ready to come out. Why do we give the consumer so much information about fashion six or seven months beforehand? It makes no sense to me...We need fashion shows, but that's industry, it's not for the general public," she continues. "All the communication has to stop. It doesn't go out on the wire, it doesn't go out on the Internet, it doesn't get out for the manufacturers to copy the designs. I mean, we're killing our own industry. There's too much information going out there." — Donna Karan. [MyFashionLife]
  • André Leon Talley, who has signed on to judge America's Next Top Model for the next three seasons, says Anna Wintour is just fine with his choice of reality television vehicle. (Her spokesman said on Wintour's behalf, "André is always onto new things on television, and I think his latest adventure sounds like a lot of fun and I look forward to watching him on the program.") On the judging panel, Talley will wear 13 custom-made cloaks by Chado Ralph Rucci, that are, he explains, "based on 17th-century Edo samurai tunic-coats." [WWD]
  • "The stories! Ha! Between her and Linda, it was like watching a movie that never ends...One day they had a fight about roots. Kristen had arrived with black roots in blonde hair, and Linda arrived with black roots in blonde hair; and both of them went mad, both saying they were first. Really, that is a big thing for models — roots! They were calling the hairdresser in New York, the colourist in New York, and I was called on as a witness to say who was the first to do black roots in blonde hair. At the time Steven Meisel was really inventing the look of the girls in this way, so I knew who was first: Kristen. When a new girl came along, oh my God, it was like a war...The first time they got together, it was the big girls versus the new girl. I remember one time backstage: Linda needed to go on the runway. She was about to put in her fake boobs and found one of them had been taken. 'Where is my boob? Where's my boob?' she was screaming over and over. I think it was Kristen — it was always Kristen. Gianni's reaction? [She mimics his angry stage-whisper.] 'You want this, you like this, so you take care of this!' I would be stuck in the middle. And all those girls turned out to be icons: Kate, Amber, Kristen, all icons." — Donatella Versace, on working with Kristen McMenamy, Amber Valletta, Linda Evangelista, and Kate Moss in the early 90s. [Independent]
  • Benetton is holding a model search. (Which probably will be nothing like that.) [Elle UK]
  • "She report(ed) no pain in childbirth. However, it was work. I would say that Gisele was so aware of the presence of love that she had no fear," says Deborah Allen, Gisele's midwife. Allen would not confirm whether or not Tom Brady was present during the birth. [UPI]
  • The Bartel family — the family that owns 12.5% of Lanvin's parent company as of last fall — is also a silent partner in the business of Devi Kroell. Kroell's first collection including ready-to-wear will be shown at New York Fashion Week next Monday. [WWD]
  • Tamara Mellon has well over 800 pairs of shoes. She keeps just some of them in a 23' x 15' closet. [Telegraph, WSJ]
  • Lulu Guinness is willing to admit she wears Spanx. [Independent]
  • Jenny Sanford says there will be no clothing line (or collection of Sanford commemorative mugs, for that matter). "I applied for a trademark to protect my name. It is not my intention to sell anything with my name on it.

" [Marie Claire]
  • Tavi Gevinson, who has been the focus of more or less mean-spirited commentary from the likes of Anne Slowey, Sarah Mower, and Grazia U.K. as of late, as part of the tedious and ongoing debate over the future of media, has addressed the situation on her blog. "And speaking of a journalist deciding they know the truth to something they can't back up, my parents and I are the ones who know my school's absences policy, how my teachers feel about my missing school, and what my grades look like — not anyone else. I know everyone's intentions are warm-hearted because they're just so concerned for my health and future because they're so caring like that, but it is irrelevant to arguments being made about my blog or blogging in general, and a cheap way to distract people from the actual problem they're focusing on. If we really want to bring it up, can we talk about models that travel without guardians? Dudes and traveling sports teams? And if I didn't take up the offer to travel to Paris to see couture shows, I would suddenly think I'm too good, right?" She also says, "I'm going to New York on Saturday. I will be wearing some more hats. If you happen to be sitting behind me and you'd like to be able to see, just ask." [Style Rookie]
  • Katie Couric, on why she wears black, grey, and pinstripes: "I always say it's very Faye Dunaway 'don't fuck with me, fellas!' from Mommie Dearest." [HuffPo]


Well done Tavi. I think these people are just jealous at how articulate she is.