Kate Moss Actually Speaks

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It's always an event when we hear Kate say more than "Rimmel, London," or, "Topshop." And in an exclusive London Fashion Week interview with T5M, we get a rare chance to see her in the flesh, talking bags and divas.


It's news (however trivial) when Kate Moss gives an interview, even if it's just to comment on her daughter's shoes. Or, in this case, bags. As always, an interview with her is about 50% reporter fawning, but it's still interesting to see her looking surprisingly approachable, hear her voice (higher than in the Rimmel ad), her accent (Croydon) and her views on her collaboration with Longchamps (shockingly, positive.) She says she designs bags for "herself," considers hers to be a modern take on a classic purse, and tells us she keeps from being a diva by having "good friends." But how would anyone know? This is the most the masses ever get to see! Well, she's clearly onto something, despite never saying anything that doesn't evaporate the second it hits a page...as Banksy said, invisibility is a superpower.

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The only thing I know about British accents is what I've heard on Footballer's Wive$.

ETA: Is Croydon supposed to be low-class? Genuinely curious here, not snarking.