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Kate Middleton has showed up to an all-black Time’s Up-themed BAFTAs ceremony in a muted green dress, which, depending on how you look at it, is not a good look, “defiant,” a “subtle nod” (with a thin black sash), or just a nice dress. It’s widely speculated that she’s observing royal protocol by not siding with a political movement. In her defense, many point out that as a professional fundraiser, she devotes much of her time to women’s and family-oriented causes like fighting maternal depression, supporting children with cancer, and supporting children with drug and alcohol-addicted parents. She suffers through other arbitrary royal bullshit fashion rules like committing to pantyhose forever, so she’s probably not going to rock the boat seven years in.


Meghan Markle wasn’t there, obviously.

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She’s not allowed to make political statements. William is president of Bafta. Why should she sit out? Can we stop vilifying women who aren’t doing Times Up well enough?