Kate McKinnon's Ghostbusters Outtake Reel Is an Excellent Way to End the Week

We may not get to see a Ghostbusters sequel, but these ten minutes of Kate McKinnon riffing as mad scientist Holtzmann are a temporary salve to that injustice.


The new DVD extra isn’t really a blooper reel, since any of McKinnon’s lines could work in the movie. It’s more of a testament to her incredible improvisational powers, coming up with multiple analogies for boinking Chris Hemsworth. For example: “He’s like a Christmas napkin. Nice to look at, then you wipe it across your mouth, throw it in the trash and never think about it again.”

It’s almost like you’re watching Ghostbusters 2, but with all the boring extraneous characters, like the men, edited out.

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Olivia Pope's Wine Glass

She’s so delightfully weird, I love it.

She’s also so, so, so gay and as a fellow gay, it makes me very happy to see her get all this mainstream love.