Kate Mara's Boobs Gave Away Her Pregnancy

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Kate Mara is pregnant, and that’s great. What’s better is the way in which this information became known. From Page Six:

Our spy tells us the “Pose” actress, 35, couldn’t contain her excitement over the news at the Golden Globes, revealing to Emily Blunt that she’s pregnant after the best actress nominee commented on the size of her breasts while waiting in line for the bathroom.

Mara added that she and her husband, 31, are thrilled, however she was nervous that people would find out before she made the announcement official as she is already showing.


I cherish the idea of Mara minding her own business when a wasted (in my mind) Blunt clambers up behind her, shouting “OHMYGOD BITCH, YOUR TITS ARE HUGE” before upending the contents of her purse on the floor. Mara hisses that she’s pregnant, but that she was hoping to keep the news under wraps.

Blunt isn’t listening—she’s too busy trying to sweep airplane bottles and a half-eaten bean burrito back into her purse. But the Page Six reporter hiding in the trash can was! Voila, a gossip news is born.

Also, Mara is married to the adult version of the kid that played Billy Elliot. Huh.

[Page Six]

Ariana Grande and her ex Ricky Alvarez are friends with benefits now, apparently! I guess writing a song about all your exes is a great way to rekindle a long dead spark. As Radar Online reports,

“Ariana and Ricky are so close already and have been hot and cold romantically since they split in the summer of 2016,” a source close to Grande told Radar. “She is comfortable around him and she trusts him. More importantly, her family trusts Ricky.”

Ariana’s family apparently wasn’t fond of Pete Davidson, but what sort of trust does her family have to have in a man who’s just around for some casual bonin’?

Anyway, the source has been very matter of fact about the whole thing:

“Ariana is not looking for anything serious right now and neither is he,” the source said. “They spent New Year’s Eve together and have hooked up recently, but it is nothing more than friends with benefits at this point. She will continue working with him, just as she has been for years. If something happens, something happens.”


[Radar Online]

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