Images via Instagram and Backgrid.

Welcome to Hair Care! The column in which we break down all the hottest new lock lewks our favorite celebs are rockin’!

Hi friends!!! I’m so sorry it’s been longer than usual since I checked in and brought you your hair dish; everything is FINE, I’ve just been really really bogged down with summer FUN (if you’ve also made it your goal to visit every single place on Gothamist’s “The 12 Best Frozen Drinks in NYC” list, holler at a girl!) and don’t we all deserve that? I won’t waste your time talking about my dramatic weekend trip to the North Shore (suffice it to say that it involved a t-shirt cannon and an overzealous brewery employee; honestly, why I wasn’t at a winery is beyond me!!!), and instead move right into our shared love—beautiful locks and the people who have them!!!

First off, Sarah Jessica Parker now has a blonde bob. Vogue says she’s filming the romantic comedy Best Day of My Life, but Backgrid IDs the movie as Unfollow the Rules. Whatever its going to be called, I’m loving this (as well as the outfit—easy, breezy beautiful Covergirl!).

Image via Backgrid.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Kate Hudson has boarded the bold buzzed heads train, but like Cara Delevingne before her, it’s for a role ok???, so don’t throw all your Fabletics leggings out the window just yet.

I’m really liking it on her...

...But as Lainey Gossip points out, she’s been wearing a wig (and an unfortunate chapeau) outside of filming.

Image via Backgrid.

HMMMMMMMM. Is this just to build intrigue for the film? Or is Kate uncomfortable with her new look? Or is she just mixing it up because she’s a woman and she freakin’ can?! (The best answer always, IMO. FUN.) Feel free to throw your theories around—but remember not to shame either way, we’re all just out here doing our best.

(Speaking of Cara... she went pink! Always so FREAKIN FUN. If you’re interested in all the different ways she’s been “spicing up” her short hair, particularly for the various Valerian premieres, Glamour has you covered. They’re very intergalactic.)

As you’re all definitely aware, the Kardashians all change their hair so often its almost exhausting to keep up with, so I’ll just lightly mention on Khloe Kardashian’s long darker brown locks.

Moving on to more notable news—look at this two-tone from Lady Gaga.

FUN—and interesting choice in contrast with the bold red glittery lip!

And lastly, Coachella Queen Vanessa Hudgens has gone for a 1920s-style bang sitch: as Refinery29 explains, “Hudgens has been chopping her hair lately, going shorter than ever before, but these brand-new bangs are definitely a new addition to her look.”

What do you think? (About this or any other topic.) I know I said it was 1920s, but given the volume maybe also a little disco? Maybe its an entirely new thing? Why categorize? Vanessa sure as heck isn’t! And take that as your hairspo (that’s hair inspiration for those of you not in the know!) for this weekend. xoxoKate