Kat Von D Versus Jeffree Star Is the Drama We Need Right Now

There is a storm raging in the beauty world, and soon we will all be soaked in the deluge (of response vids).


On Tuesday, seemingly out of nowhere, tattoo artist and beauty brand queen Kat Von D posted a photo to Instagram of former friend Jeffree Star with a big ole Ghostbuster-style slash through it, accusing Star of drug use, bullying and racism:

She also announced that she’d be removing her shade “Jeffree” from her collection. Guess there was too much shade on social media already. Star initially responded with a few tweets about living your life:


According to Refinery 29, Star also said in a deleted tweet, “She accused me of something that wasn’t true, so I told her to fuck off and then blocked her number. Not that juicy of a story, sorry.”

But that’s not what he says in a 20-plus minute response video, outlining all the ways that Kat Von D is wrong and he is totally right:

And he has the receipts:


Yes, the word fuck did come into play, but he never told her to “fuck off.” Honestly, after watching Jeffree Star for a huge chunk of a working hour, I was inclined to take his side. Then I watched Kat Von D’s original video, and I believed her. Now the graphic designer who seems to have instigated the whole thing by running to his bud Kat Von D says this:


To which she says:


Onwards and upwards, though I don’t know how we can get any higher than this pinnacle of drama.



are you serious? you’re just going to ignore jeffree star’s history of using racial slurs against black & mexican people, saying he’d throw battery acid on a black woman to lighten her skin, and more recently threatening to beat a black woman youtuber to the ground. he’s vile & racist and I’m glad he’s finally getting called out.