Photo: AP

On Tuesday, supermodel and cookie entrepreneur with an alliterative name, Karlie Kloss, announced that her next venture will be to star in a six-part TV series called Movie Night with Karlie Kloss.

The program is basically a talk show, whose guests The Hollywood Reporter says will include the magician Joel Ward, some of Klossā€™s supermodel friends (Jourdan Dunn and Martha Hunt, for instance), Serena Williams, and relationship expert Matthew Hussey. Kendall Jenner will also make an appearance on the show.

In addition to interviews, the show will reportedly also ā€œinvolveā€ games and movies. Of course, you expect a show with the word ā€œmovieā€ in its title to have something to do with movies, but Iā€™d almost prefer it if, in fact, movies were left out of the production altogether and functioned dramatically as the proverbial gun in the first act. Only it justā€¦never goes off.


And, speaking of the title, itā€™s so catchy! Every time I think about the title of Karlieā€™s new show I picture Isabelle Huppert shushing her.

The first episode of Movie Night with Karlie Kloss will air December 28 on Freeform.