Karen Gillan Will Be Chasing Wild Animals and Pratfalling Men in Jumanji

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Jumanji has finally found its female lead, because there can only been one.

Karen Gillan is probably best known as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, who I was absolutely certain was played by a heavily made up Rachael Leigh Cook until just now. She was also the lead in the short-lived TV show Selfie, and is currently deeply beloved by The Rock who made his ceremonial “woman announcement” on Instagram to celebrate her addition, writing:

We had to find a girl. But not just any girl. A girl who has “Chutzpah”. Guts, nerve and talent to stand her ground and hold her own against Nick’s cool rockstar ways, Jack’s relentless energy and genius, Kevin’s masterful timing and skills and the big, brown, bald tattooed guy who just simply stands there and oooooozes smoldering, captivating, sizzling, can’t take your eyes off this brilliant manly man.. never mind I got drunk on the ol’ DJ kool aid again.

Oh, brother.

Well, Gillan is a compelling onscreen presence who is very funny when not playing an alien bent on revenge, and she has beautiful hair—though The Rock notes she was “badass” enough to shave it once for a million-dollar role in a giant movie franchise:


Filming starts next week in Honolulu, but if you’re dying to see more of Gillan, she’ll be opposite Emma Watson in the upcoming Sci-fi mystery The Circle.

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No mention of the role she’s ACTUALLY best known for, Amy Pond from Doctor Who? FOR SHAME.