Kardashians’ Ex-Stepmom Drops Bombshell, Reveals the Sisters are ‘Fake’

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Oh, man. Okay. In case you're not caught up (I wasn't), this lady named Ellen married Robert Kardashian two months before he died, and then the Kardashian kids sued her for trying to publish all of his secret diaries for tabloid megabucks, and now SHE'S suing them BACK for being wicked lying fakers! And then also Kim called her a "slippery snake"!!! Yessssssss!!!!!

The Kardashians orchestrated the “saga” of filing a lawsuit against their ex-stepmom purely as a storyline for their E! reality show during which they “shamefully” re-wrote history, a sensational lawsuit filed against the famed television family on Thursday claimed.

Ellen Kardashian, the widow of the children’s late father, famedOJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian, has filed a counterclaim lawsuit against Kim, Kourtney, Khloe andRob Kardashian and their momager, Kris Jenner, accusing the quintet of a litany of civil offenses, including defamation, intentionally inflicting emotional distress, civil harassment, a civil conspiracy to defame and the public disclosure of private facts.


This all seems unnecessary. Also, y'all, Khloe is real.




...We might all have something more to look forward to if Elba and series creator Neil Cross get their way. They’re pulling for a feature film.

“It’s our engine at the moment. Neil wants to make it and so do I, and we are hopefully making steps towards that. It’s a long process,” Elba told EW at last night’s Pacific Rim premiere. The pitch: “I think we probably go back to the beginning and start from an origin story,” Elba said.

We assume that means we wouldn’t see Alice (The Lone Ranger‘s Ruth Wilson), the killer DCI John Luther first met in season 1, which is unfortunate. But the movie would have its merits, like Elba using his British accent, wearing a suit (always a welcome sight), and getting to be the leading man in a movie that’s meatier than Obsessed. (That happens — see: the Nelson Mandela biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom — but not often enough.)


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CALL IT SUMFIN'S NOT ROIGHT: THE MOVIE. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease????? How many organs do I have to sell? [Ebony] [EW]


Here's Hugh Jackman talking about his marriage to Deborra-Lee Furness:

"From day one, we were best mates," Jackman says of his wife. "We just clicked. We were giggling and laughing — we just connected."

"Deb is the last one to bed and the first one up in the morning. You know those dolls that, when you lie them down, their eyes close? And as soon as they're vertical, their eyes open? That's Deb," he says of Furness, 57. "It's almost annoying. She has two speeds: Stop and Go. She is always, 'Let's do this, let's do that.' And she is very funny, very quick."

Though their schedules often keep them apart, the spouses agreed many years ago never to spend more than two weeks away from each other. Jackman says it was Furness' idea. "When I'd met her, she'd already done about 20 movies," The Wolverine star explains. "She said, 'It's not that I think you're going to go off with a costar, or vice versa. But people get used to living apart. You get used to handling a problem yourself.'"


Gaaahhhhhh, teach me the secrets of your adorable blinding looooove!!! [Us]

  • IT'S SHARKNADO NIGHT, DUMMIES. As far as SyFy original portmanteaus go, Mansquito will always have my heart, but, I mean, IAN ZIERING AND TARA REID FIGHTING SHARK-RAIN WITH CHAINSAWS, Y'ALL. [Us]
  • Could a Sharknado actually happen, asks Mother Jones? If I pretend not to know the answer, can we talk about Sharknado some more??? [MotherJones]
  • SHARKNADO. [Twitter]
  • Bryan Cranston's underpants belong in a museum!!! [HollywoodReporter]
  • Here's Naomi Watts as Princess Diana. The hair! [DailyMail]
  • Here's Ashlee Simpson in Jessica's fall 2013 campaign. [E!]
  • Amanda Bynes "caught" acting "peculiar" while eating split pea soup. :-| [Radar]
  • Paula Deen hired fancy lawyers. [E!]
  • Ryan Gosling is crusading for the rights of Canadian pigs. All the sows on Tumblr are freaking out right now. [E!]
  • Yo. I got a fake ID, though.

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Can someone please enlighten me as to why so many people think Hugh Jackman is gay? Because I'm genuinely at a loss and it's irritating.

(This is not an "I don't want to use the Googlez" thing, because I've tried and all I can find is 1. his wife isn't super skinny and 2. he's into musical theater.)