Kara Brown is in Rio right now, and will be checking in periodically with on-the-ground coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympic games.

Despite her Snapchat snafu, Day 2 of Kara’s check-ins went more calmly, though she sent a message that was perhaps more strongly worded than intended to all those who offered suggestions that she knows how to use Snapchat and that the app fucked up. Frustration gets the best of all of us. In any case, she has officially switched to Instagram stories and that appears to be going well.


In other news:

I have a mosquito bite but I feel great!

For everyone asking, John Cox is my play cousin (he’s my dad’s godson, calls him uncle, we call him cousin) and he’s playing on the men’s Venezuelan basketball team.

Relatedly, we missed the US men’s basketball team at Christ the redeemer today by 30 minutes.

Still feeling fine.

Kara’s play cousin John Cox and Kara’s bug bite. Images by Kara Brown.

This has been Kara’s Fine!

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