Kara's Better Than Fine! And Deserves a Gold Medal in Walking

Kara Brown is in Rio right now, and will be checking in periodically with on-the-ground coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympic games.

I’m better than fine!

God I feel like the days are all bleeding together. Team fencing was v lit and involved a lot of screaming from the fencing ladies. Thumbs up from me.

We broke down and ordered dominos to our Airbnb which was a difficult task.



We saw this super racist blackface thing at the Copacabana beach on Sunday so that was weird!!

Last night was the last time we’ll be at the Olympic Village. We have one more event tonight—track and field which is more towards central Rio.

One fun fact to remember for anyone considering going to the Olympics is that being here makes it harder to watch the actual events you’re not at. That is less fine but we did catch Usain Bolt last night. Fast man!

I dunno. I can’t remember much else. We took a lot of steps yesterday. Do I get a medal for that?


This has been Kara’s Fine!

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