Kanye's Breakdown Was Due to Mismanaged Meds

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

After two long weeks in the hospital, Kanye West is finally out and recovering, though it seems the issue wasn’t so much exhaustion, as initially reported, but a bungled dosage of medication. According to TMZ, the stress of Kim’s robbery prompted him to fiddle with his psychiatric meds, sending him into a tailspin:

It’s still unclear if Kanye flat-out stopped taking some of the pills or just decided to take different amounts — but we’re told he made the biggest changes in the wake of Kim’s Paris robbery. Doctors were able to keep Kanye in the hospital for 8 days, and during that time were able to medicate him, and get him more stable.


Us Weekly also reports that Kanye isn’t living at home at the moment, out of Kim’s concern for their kids:

“Kim is being very protective and doesn’t want Kanye around the kids right now,” the source tells Us, while a second source maintains that Kardashian isn’t necessarily keeping the kids from West, but that it’s a “valid concern.”

“It’s just been hell for them,” a source told Us Weekly in the new issue, on newsstands now, of Kimye’s marital issues prior to West’s hospitalization. “Kanye’s behavior took a huge toll on their marriage. But Kim feels relieved he is getting the help he needs. She thinks this is what it will take to save him — and help their marriage.”

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Madonna and Sean Penn, presented without comment:

Drunk Cuba Gooding Jr. is more interesting than regular Cuba Gooding Jr., the world learned during Tuesday’s Footwear News Achievement Awards, where the actor gave a spirited speech while allegedly presenting an award to John Varvatos. From Page Six:

“Nothing says I love you like fucking sugar,” the 48-year-old actor began, “fucking boxed lunched. I’m drunk now, motherfuckers. Deal with it. I thought the BET Awards were cheap.”


The crowd was delighted, and also maybe a little scared?


[Page Six]

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Fucking around with mood-altering drugs (the legal kind) is a recipe for disaster that I’ve experienced myself... even when you do things by the book, it can lead to scary changes in personality. I don’t even want to think what happens when you quit cold turkey or suddenly ramp up your dosage on the more potent ones.