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Kanye Gets Another Round of the South Park Treatment

Seth Rogen and James Franco aren't the only ones who see Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's relationship as comedic gold. South Park has skewered the MC again.


Following the epic episode where creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone had Kanye come out as a "gay fish" and the rapper's response, in last night's animated episode the Chicago artist defends his love for Kardashian who is battling the rumor that she's a Hobbit. Oddly, the description of the Kardashain reality show as compared to the upcoming "Hobbit" movie makes sense.


"She's not even in that movie," Kanye yells. "That movie is just loosely based on her television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which is a show about short loud little people who living in a fantasy world ... HOLD UP!"


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There were so many other great points about that episode and feminist issues that could have been talked about instead of the Kimye aspect. Spoilers! Here's the episode.

  • The line between feminism and being a hater. Wendy points out that all (or most) of Kim Kardashian's photographs are photoshopped. Get's branded as a hater and being "jelly".
  • The SP boys preferring the Photoshopped pictures over their real girlfriends.
    They never even looked directly at their girlfriends, they went around showing other guys the fake picture instead.
  • At the end when Wendy is giving into the hype, and doctoring the photo of herself to send to her classmates, there are tears in her eyes. That brought a tear to my eye. She doesn't want to participate in the falsification, but felt she has no choice and bowed to societal pressure.

    It was a great satire on our cultural acceptance of doctored pictures as fact and I wish that was the topic that media talked about instead of "Oh look, they made fun of Kanye and Kim today!"