Kanye Created a Bunch of Kim Kardashian Insta-Clones for Yeezy Season 6

Last December Kanye West debuted his Yeezy collection on the Instagram of one of his biggest fans: Kim Kardashian. Kim uploaded a series of boring, faux-paparazzi photos of her drinking smoothies or checking the trunk of her car. It was nothing out of the ordinary considering she posts similar photos of herself taken by nosy photographers all the time. But she was wearing the muted, body-con sweats of Yeezy Season 6 in all of the photos, turning the whole series into a brilliant, sneaky runway show that played out entirely on Instagram.

But this week Paris Hilton posted a photo of her dressed and styled exactly like Kim Kardashian (who is rocking long, silvery-blue hair right now). So did Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods and a few other influencers and models like Sierra Skye and the Clermont Twins. And if you were wondering what in the world was going on, it turns out the copycats are all part of the Yeezy campaign, too.


That the campaign comes on the heels of a recent Los Angeles Times story about how Instagram’s biggest influencers are beginning to physically look more and more like Kim makes the whole exercise even eerier. Maybe the campaign actually is a response to how vital Kim’s look is to the success of other Instagram-famouses? Because while seeing a bunch of women wear such spot-on Kim cosplay is a bit creepy, like they’re all these beautiful Yeezy-branded dolls, that Kim’s look can be this distinctive is a testament to her branding talents and Kanye’s vision. Ultimately, the future of influencers is one filled with Kim Kardashian clones—whether she helps make them or not.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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I sincerely do not understand the appeal of wearing sweatpants outside the house/gym and especially with heels? What is that? The comfort of sweats with the pain of toe-crushing high heels and a body suit jamming itself up your fucking butt? They aren’t flattering, either. I legit don’t get it. I think Kanye is a talented musician, but these looks are not good. sorry.