Kanye Cancels Today Concert Over Matt Lauer Spat

Illustration for article titled Kanye Cancels emToday/em Concert Over Matt Lauer Spat

Kanye Controversy of the Day: West says he won't perform a scheduled November 26 Today Show concert for "obvious reasons." He Tweeted that the unedited Matt Lauer interview footage shows how he's often set up to look "angry or spoiled."


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For those of you saying Kanye acted like a spoiled brat, does it matter to you that a grown black man is being put in the position of having to apologize to his former white President like a child? And let's not forget what he was called upon to apologize for: calling the President out for allowing thousands of people so suffer while he hi-fived his friends about the "heckuva" job they were doing. I mean, I get that Kanye is petulant about a lot of things, but can't you imagine how and why this one completely merits not only petulance but total indignation?