Kanye and John Legend Set Aside Oppression in America Over a Surprise Baby Shower!

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Nothing will quash debate about civil and human rights abuses in America like theme pastries in a dream house! :) #tooblessed. Deciding to let Kanye be Kanye, John Legend wrapped up his tactful critique of the dangers Kanye West poses by advertising for a bigoted tyrant at Kim’s surprise baby shower for Chrissy Teigen. Kanye tweeted a selfie captioned, “We got love. Agree to disagree,” along with a video of John Legend riffing on the piano, and all is well. Not so much for all the people facing deportation and poverty whom John Legend mentioned on Wednesday, but that’s a freakin’ bummer, and Kanye can’t be managed, and disagreeing will only make him dig in his heels, and the personalized cakes are just sitting there, ya know?


But do you know what is so fucked up? Tristan cheating on Khloe.


Drag Race contestant Robbie Turner’s tale of surviving a car accident which killed her Uber driver earlier this month was, admittedly, all a dream. From an interview with EW:

Where did you get the idea that you’d been in a car accident, though?

After days of poking around and sleuthing to figure out everything I had gone through, days later I saw footage of me coming home, getting out of a car, and getting into my apartment okay. What [I] think happened is that I was slipped something [in my drink], because I didn’t drink that much that night, and [that I] slipped and fell in the shower. The hat I was wearing is completely bent and gross, so we think I hit my head in the shower, got out of makeup, went to bed, and had a very vivid and ridiculous dream.


In subsequent tweets, she eluded to mental health issues and has apologized to Uber.


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