Kansas Woman Almost Burns Her Home Down Trying to Kill a Spider

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A Kansas woman has been charged with arson after setting a fire in her home that was part of a failed attempt to kill a spider.

Ginny M. Griffith told police she tried to use a cigarette lighter to set some towels on fire to kill a spider. Here's a good explanation for why you should never ever do this ever, via HutchNews:

Deputy Fire Chief Doug Hanen said in a press release that firefighters found light smoke coming from the woman's half of the duplex and some clothing smoldering just inside the doorway. They found multiple other points of origin for the fire and brought it under control within minutes, Hanen said.

Although no one was injured, and there was no damage to the structure other than light smoke damage, [Griffith] was arrested on a charge of aggravated arson because the other half of the duplex also was occupied.


She set some towels on fire to kill a spider? What happened to grabbing a shoe or a heavy book? Seems like she missed a step in there. Or perhaps she tried conventional spider killing methods and they didn't work. Maybe it was just the most badass spider of all time and could only be taken out by fire. We may never have a clear answer because left out of all reporting thus far on the subject: IS THE SPIDER STILL ALIVE?

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My husband has left scorch marks from killing spiders... He has a serious spider phobia though. He would definitely sympathize with this woman. He typically goes the hair spray & lighter combo >.<