Kansas Governor Signs Sweeping, Shitty Anti-Abortion Law

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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a massive anti-abortion omnibus bill today that blocks tax breaks for abortion providers, forces doctors to tell lie about a "link" between abortion and breast cancer that every legit medical institution has repeatedly disputed, and includes problematic language about the "legal rights" of fertilized eggs, which — as usual — take precedence over the legal rights of flesh-and-blood women.


The bill declares that life begins at fertilization, even though fetal viability as defined in Roe v. Wade occurs no earlier than 22 weeks. Abortion opponents call it a "statement of principle and not an outright ban on terminating pregnancies," according to the AP — funny, I discuss my own biased "statement of principles" (always eat grilled cheese with ketchup, never wear capris) in bars with friends instead of putting them in state measures signed by the governor.

The bill also prohibits abortion providers from being involved in public school sex education classes, just like the one passed by the Arkansas Senate last week. Trendy.


The changes will take effect in July. Kansas has never needed Dr. Tiller's recently re-opened Wichita clinic more than it does now.


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still mad about your flop presidential campaign, bro?

also...grilled cheese with ketchup?!! What the fuck?!