Kaley Cuoco Talks Stolen Nude Photos With the Patience of a Saint

On last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kaley Cuoco discussed that time her nude photos were stolen and sent all over the internet. Is Kaley Cuoco physically capable of appearing flustered in public? Jury's out.


Cuoco learned about the cache of stolen photos via a Google alert she has on her name (Hi, Kaley! You seem nice!). Fakers aplenty had claimed to be in possession of her nude photos in the past, but until recently, they'd all been wrong. When Cuoco realized that this time they were legit noodz, she contacted her friends and family to give them a heads up. She later fired back by posting photos of herself pixelated in a way to suggest she was naked when she in fact was not.

And now she seems cool as a cucumber about something she'd have every right to be visibly furious over.

Teach me your zen ways, Kaley Cuoco.


The Gaysian

Let's be honest, show of hands, who would be that calm and composed if your nudes were leaked to the internet?

God knows I wouldn't be. Under the right circumstances, if I consent, maybe. Bless Kaley Cuoco for being so positive.