JWOWW’s fiancé Roger Matthews has been live tweeting the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the Barnegat Peninsula (where Seaside Heights is located), that was hit particularly hard. He and a friend have been using their jet skis to access homes (that’s Roger’s house, above left) and help out stranded people, since all bridges were closed.

Residential blocks were completely flooded.

Roger’s house sustained a lot of damage. He tweeted that the water levels rose inside his home over a foot within an hour.

His front porch:


The water has receded from some streets, leaving them covered in sand.

The line at one of the only working gas stations where people without power are trying to get fuel for their generators.


Roger tweeted to JWOWW:

@JENNIWOWW Come home. Make me smile. Talk to the rest of your roomies. Let’s do something for Seaside to help. That town was good to you all


She responded that they’re “already on it” and working with MTV to have “major man power” in their relief efforts.

—Tracie Egan Morrissey