Justin Timberlake Makes the Bad Decision of Joining Woody Allen's Next Film

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Inspired white ally Justin Timberlake is the latest entertainer to aid in sustaining Woody Allen’s relevancy by appearing in the director’s next film project.


Similar to how Blake Lively, Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and Steve Carrell were duped by the status-quo into participating in Allen’s previous film project Cafe Society, so goes Timberlake. He joins a cast that already includes Kate Winslet, Jim Belushi, and now also adds Juno Temple.

The Hollywood Reporter compares JT’s casting to Miley Cyrus’ in Allen’s upcoming Amazon series and writes that the new film is also “shrouded in secrecy,” with no title or storyline revealed yet. The likelihood is that Amazon will distribute the film to continue their partnership with Allen and ensure that the wall of protection around him, despite claims of sexual abuse, remains intact.


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I'm Fart and I'm Smunny

I just can’t understand why being an alleged sexual criminal is okay in Hollywood. This year it appears that Cafe Society and The Birth of a Nation are both going to be Oscar favorites, and we are going to hear a bunch of praise about filmmakers who are possibly rapists (and a writer who is a convicted rapist).