Justin Timberlake Had Imaginary Friends When He Was Growing Up

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Justin Timberlake opened up about what it was like to grow up an only child in a small town. Basically he broke a lot of lamps and did choreographed dance routines with what I'm envisioning to be an army of imaginary Chris Kirkpatricks that scatter when you turn on the light.

He told CNN's 'New Day' on Tuesday (24.09.13): ''I had imaginary friends. I was weird.''

The 32-year-old singer became very ambitious at an early age because he always felt like a loner in Memphis, Tennessee.

He said: ''I grew up in a small town, and I definitely felt like I was an individual, always. I grew up an only child and I'm always kind of like—you know, when you grow up that way, it's like you get all the perks, but you also get all the responsibility. Like there's no one else to blame the vase getting broken on.''

I mean...I have one idea. [ContactMusic]


Aaron Paul loves being married sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

"It was the greatest experience of my entire life," he said of his wedding. "And she's still with me, which is just fantastic. Four months strong. Marriage is easy."

Now, we're not sure how he meant this exactly. Perhaps he was being facetious? Either way, marriage is a lot of things, but "easy" certainly isn't one of them.

The couple tied the knot in a Parisian-themed wedding in Malibu, Calif. in May 2013. They met at the Coachella Music Festival and shared their first kiss on a ferris wheel at the festival.

And it seems that the couple is still very much basking in the newlywed glow.

"I will be in the honeymoon phase until I leave this planet," Paul told People magazine in August. "Getting married to Lauren was the greatest accomplishment of my life. I will be forever grateful."

Spit it out, man. Do you like your wife or are you just kind of so-so? [HuffPo]

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see you in rach-hell only comments on tswift now

I don't know. I told my mom that I knew marriage was supposed to be hard, and she stopped me and told me that if my marriage was hard, I was doing it wrong. I know people have different relationships with their spouses (so those in hard but happy marriages, don't come at me) so I don't think that could be a universal truth. But it really did change my perspective on relationships. Rock on, Aaron Paul! You are fucking cute.