Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Present 'History of Rap, Part 4'

At this point Justin and Jimmy's Late Night performance anthologies of the rap songs we know (or don't know, or forgot) and love (or feel okay enough about, but mostly love) are the stuff of legend.


Last night, the two did their fourth installment of "History of Rap," which included selections from Run DMC, Slick Rick, L.L. Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Salt N Pepa, A Tribe Called Quest, Missy Elliot, Hova, 50 Cent and that song that's like "Me so horny, me love you long time" and makes me uncomfortable. Enjoy!


Jezzies, this is completely off topic but I need to vent. My landlords are so racist and it makes me extremely uncomfortable because they assume we share their views. The only time they've ever asked us our opinion about new tenants moving in upstairs was when they were black and when it was a gay guy. They came over today to look at replacing the kitchen floor and she started talking about how she had to replace the refrigerator upstairs to a black one because, "The (whisper) black woman upstairs made the FRIED CHICKEN and got grease all over the side of the fridge." Was she invited to dinner? Does she know about the woman's preference for fried chicken? They were really nice neighbors, quiet, considerate and friendly.

They didn't ask if it was OK for white college kids to move in (they make middle of the night noise) or if they're bothering us... even though they are. Or the white operatic singers before them who SANG LOUDLY ALL THE TIME AND RAN A BUSINESS OUT OF THE APARTMENT. Only the black family and the gay guy they didn't rent to were considered problematic.