Justin Timberlake Admits He Hooked Up With a Spice Girl

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During a game of never have I ever with ‘NSYNC on Ellen Degeneres’ show this Tuesday, Justin Timberlake revealed that he had (okay, hadn’t not) hooked up with a Spice Girl.

Vulture went the extra mile and found footage of of Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice, aka my Halloween costume circa 1999) describing a brief affair with Timberlake to Jonathan Ross in 2004.

E! News also found that Bunton was asked in a 2016 interview with Grazia if she’d ever had a fling with Timberlake, to which she answered “I’m going to say no comment.” Glad that’s been cleared up.


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Here are some entertaining tidbits from Sandra Bullock’s June Instyle cover story (Ocean’s 8, in which she stars, hits theaters June 8)

“For some reason what’s coming to mind is that Helena Bonham Carter was like a cat. I could take the laser pointer, and just at random moments I would point the laser pointer on the floor and she would jump out of the chair and follow it like a human cat.”


“Sarah Paulson trying to sing like Rihanna. Never sounded like Rihanna. But she tried!”



A brief dispatch from Kylie and Stormi.


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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Tyga owes $1 million in back taxes.”

Wouldn’t someone need to actually earn money to pay taxes on?