With just one spritz of Justin Bieber's new perfume Someday, the Bieb will magically appear in your bedroom and caress your neck. Bieber explained this concept to Ryan Seacrest, saying,

"I wanted to do a fragrance for women basically because I want to be smelling the girls neck, I want to tell the girls what I like and what I think is going to be hot and what's attractive to me so I wanted to make a fragrance that I think will be appealing and make me want to chase the girl that I smell ... [It] is not just a young girl perfume, it's definitely marketed for teenagers, but I think that even moms will smell it and be like, ‘that's a good smell' and tell the store they're buying it for their kids but really they're spraying it on themselves."


Yeah, that's going to happen, for sure. Moms will definitely find this perfume appealing after envisioning their daughters floating around with a teen idol in a state of (totally chaste) ecstasy,

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I was hoping they'd call it "When U Smell, I Smell."