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Justin Bieber wants you to practice self-care. He wants you to be present. Not through meditation, or overpriced face masks, or putting crystals in your orifices. No, he wants you to wear deodorant; his deodorant.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that the pop star and inevitable future megachurch pastor is releasing a special edition deodorant titled “Here + Now” with Schmidt’s Naturals, launching 2019. While Bieber was reportedly involved in the packaging and mystery scent, Fast Company reports that Schmidt’s also says the deodorant is “inspired by the idea of self-care and being present” with the company’s co-founder saying the name Here + Now “is intended to inspire a conversation around health, wellness, and optimism for the future.”


How a deodorant will do that, who knows! Anyway, this is what the Biebs posted about it:

Do you feel present? I feel present.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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