Justin Bieber Will Make His Instagram Private If Fans Don't Stop Bullying His New Girlfriend, He Swears to God He Will

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Justin Bieber has threatened to make his Instagram private if commenters don’t stop attacking his new lady, Sofia Richie. While I can’t personally imagine anything more awful, I also know in my heart that he would never actually follow through with it. Biebs needs the perpetual ego boast of social media like a hairless dog needs a sweater in the Mid-Atlantic winter. (A lot, is my point.)


Also, a quick scan of the comments reveals a lot of scary, robotic fawning, so I’m not sure what he’s even worried about. Here’s an example, just one of bajillions:

#beliebers need you justin, now!! Beliebers never hate your life/friends/style, etc. We will suport you and respect you bieber. Don’t forget us. We are #BELIEBER# We make together...

This is how cult leaders are born, FYI.

In case there was any remaining speculation whether Richie (Daughter of Lionel, Sister of Nicole) and Biebyface are actually an item, this picture confirms it. Hand on torso = relationship. Science experts (me) say so.


[Us Weekly]

Tina Lawson face swapped with her (favorite?) daughter, Beyoncé, which implies that Beyoncé has a Snapchat she has neglected to mention to her BeyHive.


Is that even legal?



(I don’t know.)

[The Cut]

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