Justin Bieber to Fans: Sorry, Why Can't Ü Clap On the Beat?

What do you mean, Justin? When you tell fans to clap, then you tell them they’re crap, what do you mean?

During a recent show in Oslo, nonstop hit machine Justin Bieber had to correct his Norwegian fans’ offensively off-beat clapping because it was making his poor little head hurt. While performing “What Do You Mean,” the best song ever written about not knowing what someone means, he stopped and said, “At least clap on the right notes.”

Writes Billboard:

“Come on guys” he said, repeating, “Stop, stop, stop” multiple times until they complied. “It’s like this,” said the singer, showing the fans how to clap on the beat he wanted. “If you’re going to clap, at least clap on-beat.”


Bieber’s fans eventually got their act together and continued watching his presumably perfect performance without additional interruptions.


Carrie Brownstein and Amy Poehler, two people who are cooler and have more money and admirers than you or I, were asked to marry two fans at a book reading in Pasadena, CA on Tuesday. Poehler was moderating a Q&A session for Brownstein, when two attendees popped a surprising question.

Writes Us Weekly:

“The couple told Carrie they’d heard from a friend that she was an ordained minister,” a member of the audience tells Us Weekly. “They asked if they could get married on the spot, as they’d come prepared with their marriage license.”

“Amy was visibly excited and shocked, and turned to Carrie [and said] ‘You gotta do it!’” the source continues. “The crowd cheered and applauded wildly.”


The ceremony lasted 10 minutes, the memory (and its accompanying content) will last forever.

[Us Weekly]

Baby steps, everyone!


  • Lee Daniels will reportedly have to pay Sean Penn’s legal fees in that defamation suit. [Page Six]
  • Kim wants Khloe to freeze her eggs and Khloe wants Kim to mind her damn business. [Us Weekly]
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  • $30,000,000 of art was seized from Lil Wayne’s home in Miami. LIL WAYNE HAD AT LEAST $30,000,000 OF ART. [TMZ]
  • Adrien Brody will debut his art in Miami next month, and Lil Wayne probably won’t be able to buy any. [Page Six]

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