Justin Bieber Taunts Taylor Swift By Instagramming a FaceTime Chat With Kanye West

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Though his on-again, off-again, please-god-not-again relationship with Selena Gomez puts him on the periphery of Taylor Swift’s squad (much to her discontent), Canada’s most questionable bad boy Justin Bieber has yet to comment on her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.


Until now! Early Tuesday morning, the known bulge-haver posted what appears to be a screenshot of him FaceTiming with West. He captioned it, “Taylor swift what up.”

Yikes! Shots fired! I guess! Actually, I’m not sure I could even begin to figure out the implications of this, so let’s stop here.


Listen, I know Niall Horan is supposed to be “the nice one” (or “the one everyone usually forgets”) in One Direction, but if you wrong him, he will eviscerate you in public and make you wish your parents had never spent 90 horrible seconds together! Or, maybe not. Maybe he’ll just tweet something about how you made him sad.

Case in point:


Here’s a shorty but a goodie, though maybe “goodie” is the wrong word. Shorty but a terrifyingie? Shorty but a Cruisey? Shorty but a Molly (you in danger girlie)? However you categorize it, Page Six reports Crash director Paul Haggis and Goodfellas star Ray Liotta were spotted chatting at a recent movie premiere, and it sounds like they were talking about Xenu and his executive assistant, David Miscavige.


They write:

“They sat next to each other,” said a spy. “Ray asked him, ‘Are people still after you?’ He asked him twice. Paul said, ‘They’re relentless and prevalent in my life.’” — though neither Haggis nor Liotta ever used the ‘S’ word.


That he has the courage the leave the house surprises me.

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So, a fan has a nice long chat with a friendly international pop star, wants a selfie and the pop star declines because he’s sick, so the fan waits until he’s asleep and then takes a picture and posts it on social media with a gushing commentary? Wow. That is a really shitty thing to do. #thedownsideoffame