Justin Bieber Shuts Down His Instagram, the Internet Celebrates With a #JustinDeactivatedParty

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Where do old Instagram photos go when the account they belong to is deactivated? Heaven? Hell? A server farm in the middle of Sweden? No one knows. Well, Justin Bieber’s photos might.


Earlier this week Bieber threatened to make his account private if the haters didn’t stop hate hate hating his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, but in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, he took it a step further. Our favorite 22-year-old Canadian deactivated his Instagram account...and not everyone’s mad about it.

Just search Twitter for #JustinDeactivatedParty and you’ll find posts like:

I’m sure he’ll be back by September.

[CNN] (lol)

Billy Bush, cousin of W. and nephew of H.W., is being treated like an outcast on the set of NBC’s Today down in Rio, but hey! It helped him get one of the biggest scoops of the Olympics, so who cares!


Page Six reports Bush has been spending a lot of time with his Access Hollywood co-host Kit Hoover because Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Natalie Morales and co. have been Mean Girling him. (“Billy is more of a frat guy...You can’t just go out with Billy and have tapas and relax.”) While they were shopping, he ran into Ryan Lochte, who then told him about the robbery. Bush then secured the exclusive chat. A source says, “No one at Today could believe Billy got this interview.”

Karma’s a Bush!

[Page Six]

Madonna is celebrating her birthday in Cuba.


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As much as I think Bieber is a little shitheel I have to say fuck his “fans” who threatened Sofia Richie and fuck Gomez for saying his “fans” love him because of said threats. And while I don’t have evidence of this and I’m too lazy to look for it, Bieber might be a factor in why his “fans” treat people like this. If he is guilty of cultivating this kind of hatred then fuck him too.