Justin Bieber Not Happy About the Justin Bieber Sex Doll

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Apparently a company called Pipedream (get it?) has created the Just-iN Beaver love doll. "Finally 18!" exclaims the packaging. "I wanna be your boy toy!" A model in a blue hat and purple hoodie grins under copy that reads, "I'm not gay! (ok maybe a lil')." Justin Bieber's lawyers are, of course, attempting to have the product pulled. It's relatively rare for male celebs to get the "honor" of inspiring an unauthorized sex toy; the ladies pretty much have it on lock. In addition to Paris Hilton-ish and Pamela Anderson-esque inflatables, Pipedream is also the home of dolls called Lindsay Blohan, Katy Pervy, Kinky Kim and JHo. Of course, it's all in the marketing and packaging; whatever is inside that box will most certainly not look like Bieber. Although: They are both probably very smooth.

[The Sun, Pipedream(NSFW)]

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Oh I had to go and look at all of Pipedream's lovely products. I mean, really! Where do they find the folks to model for these packages? Like, do they even TRY to find someone who bears a likeness? The man on the Beaver box looks like a waxed and powdered 30-something with a bad wig who is trying his best to affect boyish grins, but not exactly succeeding.