Justin Bieber Is Seeking Treatment for Depression

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Justin Bieber is reportedly in outpatient therapy for depression, according to an anonymous source, and “getting help every day.” The source says Bieber has been “having a difficult time” and “really wants to get better,” adding that he “has been seeking all the help he can get.” Bieber has really been leaning on his wife, Hailey Baldwin, and his Hillsong church pastor.


Reading interviews with Bieber (which he rarely does) has always left me feeling like they’re all dancing around something. In his Vogue profile, Bieber said that his 2016 forgiveness tour (remember that?) was cut short because he “got really depressed on tour.” He added, “I haven’t talked about this, and I’m still processing so much stuff that I haven’t talked about.” In both that interview and his GQ profile, he spoke openly about having trust issues, so this all sounds like a step in the right direction. A therapist is probably much easier to open up to than a journalist or another celebrity.

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Kid Who? Exactly. After an altercation in Hawaii with her then-boyfriend (Kid Buu) that led to the police being called, and amidst ongoing custody drama with the father of her child (Rob Kardashian), Blac Chyna has moved on and is now apparently dating Soulja Boy. It has already been “more than a week.”

Like many modern romances, the two first connected by sliding into each other’s DMs on Instagram. Unlike the rest of the world, though, they met IRL at Sean Kingston’s penthouse in Los Angeles, where things “got heated” between the two of them. (I have so many questions. Was Sean Kingston there? Did he know he was facilitating a budding relationship?) Chyna and Boy then hit the Grammy Awards after-party circuit together, but people thought they were just friends. I find that somehow more surprising than the fact that they’re dating.


Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend (with whom he shares a first name) Taylor Dome threw him a surprise 27th birthday party, and fellow Twilight survivor Kristen Stewart came! Where was Robert Pattison? Do they all still text each other? I have no further details but I will absolutely be thinking about this all day.

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I really do have sympathy for Bieber. I’m dragging my tired body through every day with the help of an anti-depressant and only my friends and family are aware of my daily movements. I cannot imagine what I’d do if I went to buy my weekly bread and eggs and saw my fat ass on the cover of a magazine looking like crap on a random Friday night.