Justin Bieber Covers Boyz II Men, Makes Love to You and Also the Stage

An event you’ve been desperately praying for has finally come to pass: Justin Bieber covering Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You.”


On Sunday night, Bieber took the stage at the W Hotel Hollywood in a huge hat and intensely crooned Boyz II Men’s sex playlist classic. In the choppy video above, R&Bieber sings off-key in some parts but mostly pulls it off.

This won’t be surprising at all if you’ve listened to Bieber’s great R&B album (I’m serious). And, as Vulture points out, Bieber featured Boyz II Men on his holiday album and he’s previously sung their jam “End of the Road.”


After making love to the audience, Bieber then gave it to the floor. For the people who had nowhere to go, it was just their night.

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Look I’m just going to say it, admit it to the universe, cleanse my soul.

There is like, a zero percent chance I wouldn’t bang this dude at least once.