Justice Is Served to Gross Twitter Troll Who Threatened Celebs

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A nasty Twitter troll who sent death threats to celebrities has been shut down by a British court. Boom.


A court has prohibited Anthony Wells, a guy who clearly has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on his hands, to stop sending tweets to Coldplay singer Chris Martin and Countdown presenter Rachel Riley. Finally some good news while we wade through the cesspool of Internet trolldom. Via the BBC:

Wells, of Chelmsford, Essex, admitted tweeting Riley death threats and harassing her for seven months, the Crown Prosecution Service said. It said Martin chose not to pursue charges after the plea against Riley. Basildon Crown Court also sentenced Wells to a hospital order under the Mental Health Act.

The restraining order means he cannot make any contact with the celebrities for five years. Prosecutor Punam Malhan, said: "Mr Martin indicated that a plea to the charge involving Ms Riley would be acceptable to ensure that Mr Wells gets the medical help he needs and that he was content for us to not proceed in relation to the remaining charge.

Prosecutor Punam Malhan said it best: "Everyone should be able to go about their daily lives free from harassment caused by someone deliberately making offensive, violent messages about them on social media."

Let's hope that takes root in lots of other places, too. Look, this is far from overdue. It's about time that more courts started taking this shit seriously. There is nothing funny or fun or fucking harmless about telling someone that you are going to kill them. For the umpteenth goddamn time, just because you say something via social media doesn't excuse you from the inherent awfulness of your message and subsequent consequences.

So just stop already, dumb celebrity-obsessed trolls. This is your future. I know you think Amy Adams is "way overrated UGH HASHTAG BITCH" but if you keep up with the irrational attacks on these people who you don't really fucking know, it will land you in trouble. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But eventually, you're going to find yourself in a courtroom in front of a bunch of stodgy old people who can't tell Twitter from Pong. All they are going to do is read your nonsensical ramblings about how you wish Sandra Bullock would "DIE IN A GODDAMN FIRE," remember about how much their grandmothers cried during The Blind Side and instantly believe that you are completely out of your fucking mind. For sullying the memory of Grammy Smith's beautiful epiphany, they're going to make sure you spend a few good years behind bars minus your WIFI and smartphone until you really understand what there is to complain about in life.

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Hey, if a certain celebrity didn't want to receive my death threats via twitter he'd knock it off with all of the pretentious moralizing and phony activism and just let me have some of some of his goddamn Trix.