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Ariana Grande had to disable the comments on her Instagram to fend off hordes of trolls blaming her for the death of rapper Mac Miller, whom she’d dated until May 2018. She didn’t respond.


She just posted a photo.

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As a few of you know I lived in a homeless hostel and am now working in the homeless sector. I’ve known a few people that have sadly overdosed and died. I’ve met a lot of people with addictions, an addiction is an illness and not easily solved. The one thing amongst many things that I’ve learnt is that no matter how much help you can try to give someone, no matter how many people are in that persons corner until that person is ready for help there is not a lot you can do.

Sod these people that are blaming her, its nobodies fault. My thoughts are with Mac, his family and friends and Ariana who will be struggling as well. A sad situation for all of them.