Remember how you marathoned all those episodes of Friday Night Lights awhile back and became a little obsessed with Tim Riggins? And maybe — just maybe — that obsession began to take over all of your waking and sleeping moments? Well, Parenthood's Mae Whitman can certainly relate (stars are just like us). Turns out that Whitman is quite the FNL fan and, like many a girl before her, has set her sights on #33. Don't do it, Bland! Trust me when I say that this can only end in heartbreak.

She told Salon:

"I started watching it and I'm literally more obsessed with it than I ever thought I could be. Like I dream all about "Friday Night Lights" every night. Everything I dream is Riggins-influenced. I can't get enough. It's really kind of unhealthy."


And what of these Riggins dreams?

"I've had the classic he sees me from across the room and we know that we are meant to be together forever. I've had just going on some fun friend adventures with him. I mean, it's pretty sick, I don't know what my problem is, but I just can't stop."

Feel you, girl.

This is where things get unfair. Because Whitman works for Parenthood and the same people who run Parenthood also ran Friday Night Lights, she gets all this access that we pleebs could never get. Look at all this help she got on her Tim Riggins Halloween costume:

"When I decided to be Riggins for Halloween, being on a show with Jason Katims is like the ultimate gift. First of all, I can like barely look at him now because I'm like so starstruck about "Friday Night Lights," but I immediately asked, "Do you guys have any idea how I can make this costume good?" And they jumped right on it and I actually got a jersey custom made from the place where all the guys got their jerseys made for the show. It's extreme to do something like that, but that's how much I love it. I got to actually use all of their stuff and everyone from "Parenthood" chipped in. Our wardrobe girl, Diane, helped me find all the pants and stuff like that. It was very cool. It was a huge group effort. I felt like a princess dressed up as a male football player."


Here's a reminder of what all the fuss is about. Happy Monday.

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