Just Like Us, JLaw Has Embarrassed Herself in Front of Harrison Ford

To be fair, even listening to this story made me long for the sanctuary of a faraway cave.

Our best buddy Jennifer Lawrence made an appearance on the May 13 Graham Norton Show along with James McAvoy, Johnny Depp, and Jack Whitehall. During the conversation, she recounted a party where she was inspired to shimmy up to Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams without introduction. According to JLaw, she had never previously approached celebrities with the assumption that they knew who she was, but on this night, she lived dangerously. And apparently, she flew too close to the sun.

She explained to the audience, “I realized, while I was dancing...‘They have no idea who I am. They have no idea who I am.’ And so I just turned around and walked back [to my table].”


My sense is that she has emotionally recovered from this fateful evening and, to be fair, the Star Wars crew certainly knows who she is now.

Video via YouTube.

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I mean, seriously, holy mother of God.