Jumpin' Jehosaphat! There's Def Going to Be a Remake of Little Women

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Fresh off the most dramatic few months of her life, and a subsequent job reassignment, Amy Pascal will produce the long-discussed Sony Pictures remake of Little Women, a classic Louisa May Alcott book that has already gotten a few movies of its own. What...to...do...with...this...intel.


The Hollywood Reporter brings us this news, which appears to be a good fit for Pascal, given her self-identified commitment to making projects for a female audience. The project is now also in the hands of actress/director Sarah Polley, who is being called on to adapt the book; Polley directed the documentary Stories We Tell, as well as the tear-inducing film Away From Her. She's also actually starred in some books that were adapted to the smaller screen herself (albeit in Canada), like Road to Avonlea and Beverly Cleary's Ramona series.


(I note all of this in order to both provide some context but also to calm myself, for this news brings up an unusual combination of excitement and fear. I currently have a strong urge to drink some tea heavily spiked with whiskey.)

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I will never not think of Joey when I hear of Little Women.