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Jumanji Is Real: There's a Zebra and a Pony Running Around Staten Island

Illustration for article titled Jumanji Is Real: Theres a Zebra and a Pony Running Around Staten Island

A handful of Staten Island shoppers got a cool surprise today when a pony and zebra ran unaccompanied through a local parking lot. They were pursued moments later by the handlers that were attempting to capture them. The pair ultimately were caught and returned to captivity, but don't be fooled. This is real life Jumanji and we have to play to the end.


Runaway zebra, pony are spotted trotting on Staten Island [Staten Island Advance]

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So I might have been stoned on Thanksgiving, and I might have watched Jumanji for the thousandth time.. And I might have decided I was going to write a sequel and/or reboot, but alas! Upon Googling said brilliant idea, I found out there already is going to be a reboot.

Then I might have started making up a possible cast for this reboot. I only got as far as Chloe Moretz as Judy, and Steve Carell as Alan Parrish, though. I had to stop when I realized nobody could play Sarah Whittle, because Bonnie Hunt is amazing.